commands.server package

Provides say command functionality.

class commands.server.ServerCommand(names, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: commands.command._BaseCommand

Decorator class used to register a server command.

class commands.server.ServerCommandDispatcher

Bases: _commands.ConCommand


Raises an exception This class cannot be instantiated from Python

add_callback((ServerCommandDispatcher)arg1, (object)callable) → None :

Adds a callback to the server command’s list.

remove_callback((ServerCommandDispatcher)arg1, (object)callable) → None :

Removes a callback from the server command’s list.

class commands.server.ServerCommandGenerator

Bases: Boost.Python.instance

__init__((object)arg1) → None
commands.server.get_server_command((str)arg1[, (str)help_text=None[, (Channel)flags=0]]) → ServerCommandDispatcher :

Gets the ServerCommandDispatcher instance using just the name or also the helptext and/or flags


The singleton object of the _ServerCommandManager class.