commands package

Module contents

Provides server, client, and say command functionality.

class commands.Command

Bases: Boost.Python.instance

__init__((object)arg1) → None
tokenize((Command)arg1, (str)arg2) → bool

Return the argument string for the command (does not include the command itself).


Return the entire command string including the command itself.

max_command_length = 511
class commands.CommandReturn

Bases: Boost.Python.enum

BLOCK = _commands.CommandReturn.BLOCK
CONTINUE = _commands.CommandReturn.CONTINUE
names = {'CONTINUE': _commands.CommandReturn.CONTINUE, 'BLOCK': _commands.CommandReturn.BLOCK}
values = {1: _commands.CommandReturn.CONTINUE, 0: _commands.CommandReturn.BLOCK}
class commands.ConCommand

Bases: _commands.ConCommandBase


Raises an exception This class cannot be instantiated from Python

dispatch((ConCommand)arg1, (Command)arg2) → None :

Execute the command.

class commands.ConCommandBase

Bases: Boost.Python.instance

__init__((object)arg1) → None

__init__( (object)arg1, (str)arg2 [, (str)arg3 [, (Channel)arg4]]) -> None

add_flags((ConCommandBase)arg1, (Channel)flag) → None :

Adds the given flags to the ConVar.

is_command((ConCommandBase)arg1) → bool :

Returns whether it’s a command.

is_flag_set((ConCommandBase)arg1, (Channel)flag) → bool :

Returns whether the given flag is set or not.

is_registered((ConCommandBase)arg1) → bool :

Returns wheter the ConCommandBase instance is registered.

remove_flags((ConCommandBase)arg1, (Channel)flag) → None :

Removes the given flags from the ConVar.


Returns the DLL identifier.


Returns its flags.


Returns the help text.


Returns its name.


Returns the next ConCommandBase instance.