1. GLIBC 2.17 or later is required. Check your version by typing ld -version.
  2. The 32 bit version of and is required. See the table below to install the proper packages.
Debian/Ubuntu 32 bit apt-get install zlib1g apt-get install libffi6
Debian/Ubuntu 64 bit apt-get install zlib1g:i386 apt-get install libffi6:i386


  1. Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2010 (x86) is required. Most machines already have a redistributable installed, so you only need to install it if Source.Python didn’t load properly due to the missing redistributable.

Installation steps

  1. Download the latest Source.Python version from our download page.
  2. Extract the archive in your server’s game folder. E.g. ../my_servers/css/cstrike/
  3. Start/restart your server and validate the installation by typing sp info into the server console (use rcon if you are not working directly on your server). It should print something like this:
IMPORTANT: Please copy the full output.
Checksum      : b2471f6d7fbd05548c831307f1903218
Date          : 2018-03-04 20:35:02.237858
OS            : Windows-10-10.0.16299
Game          : css
SP version    : 646
Github commit : 3aee743f47727579a0bf2b013d54b4d4ba0aff4c
Server plugins:
   00: Source.Python, (C) 2012-2018, Source.Python Team.
SP plugins:
  1. If you validated the installation, you successfully installed Source.Python!
  2. You can now edit your server’s ../cfg/source-python/core_settings.ini file to your liking.

If you are having problems installing Source.Python (e. g. Unknown command "sp"), please let us know on our forums!