filters.recipients module

Provides Recipient Filtering functionality.

class filters.recipients.RecipientFilter(*filters)[source]

Bases: _filters._recipients._RecipientFilter

Class used to improve the ease of use of a _RecipientFilter instance.


Initialize and update the recipient filter.


Merge the given recipient.

update(*args, *, clear=True)[source]

Update the recipient filter matching the given filters.

class filters.recipients.BaseRecipientFilter

Bases: Boost.Python.instance


Raises an exception This class cannot be instantiated from Python

get_recipient_index((BaseRecipientFilter)arg1, (Channel)slot) → int :

Obtains the player index at the slot in the filter

is_init_message((BaseRecipientFilter)arg1) → bool :

Whether the message has been initialised?

is_reliable((BaseRecipientFilter)arg1) → bool :

Whether this recipient filter will be network reliable (sent in-order)